5 Filmes Favoritos de David Lynch

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Pelo próprio encontrei o top5 de David Lynch. Ele explica o porquê dos mesmos e a realidade é na sua maioria, a meu ver, são boas escolhas. Para os fãs talvez seja em parte uma surpresa alguns dos nomes que figuram na lista. 

1. 8½ (1963)
David Lynch : "The first would be 8 1/2, for the way Fedrico Fellini manages to accomplish with film what mostly abstract painters do - namely, to communicate an emotion
without ever saying or showing anything in a direct manner, without ever explaining anything, just by a sort of sheer magic."

2. Sunset Boulevard (1950)
David Lynch : "For similar reasons, I would
also show Sunset Boulevard. Even though Billy Wilder's style is very different from Fellini's, he manages to accomplish pretty much the same abstract atmosphere, less by magic than through all sorts of stylistic and technical tricks. The Hollywood he describes in the film probably never existed, but he makes us believe it did, and he immerses us in it, like a dream."

3. Mr. Hulot's Holiday (1953)
David Lynch : "After that, I would show Monsieur Hulot's Holiday for the amazing point of view that Jacques Tati casts at society through it. When you watch his films, you realise how much he know about - and loved - human nature, and it can only be an inspiration to do the same."

4. Rear Window (1954)
David Lynch : "And finally, I would show Rear Window, for the brilliant way in which Alfred Hitchcock manages to create - or rather, re-create - a whole world
with in confined parameters. James Steward never leaves his wheelchair during the film, and yet, through his point of view, we follow a very complex murder
scheme. In the film , Hitchcock manages to take something huge and condense it into something really small. And he achieves that through a complete control of film making technique.

5. Lolita (1962)
David Lynch : "James Mason, Peter Sellers, Shelley Winters and Sue Lyon, they are just great performances. It's a time and a place and a sensibility. That thrills my soul."


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