10 Things You Never Noticed in 2001: A Space Odyssey

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Estava a vaguear pela 'Premiere' e encontrei este artigo que achei interessante partilhar com todos aqueles que viram o aclamado 'Odisseia no Espaço', de Stanley Kubrick.Deixo aqui um excerto, podem ver o resto aqui neste link.

''We’ll probably never live long enough to get a chance to use a commercial space toilet.

The only thing Stanley Kubrick’s visionary sci-fi classic got wrong about the future was the year. By the time the year 2001 actually rolled around, much of what director Kubrick and author Arthur C. Clarke predicted hadn’t come true, exactly. But prophecy isn’t an exact science. The future they imagined is still unfolding.''


May the force be with you!