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''Ben Stiller is the "Godfocker" in new 'Fockers' Trailer

Do fans of projectile vomiting and fans of The Godfather travel in the same circles in other countries? Because, from what I can tell from its international trailer, these are the two primary demographics seemingly being marketed to in the second Meet the Parents sequel, Little Fockers. Actually, I guess any self-respecting Godfather fan wouldn't see a comedy just because it heavily makes reference to the 38-year-old classic by playing bits of Nino Rota's score and having Ben Stiller's character labeled "The Godfocker." Especially if it looked as terrible and bodily fluid-filled as this.

In addition to the awfully unrealistic splattering of lasagna puke there's far-reaching squirting of blood during a turkey-carving scene. And in addition to the Godfather parody there's a too-on-the-nose Jaws spoof involving a ball pit. Hopefully the trailer isn't giving everything away and we can also look forward to poop, a Star Wars gag, »''

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  1. Quero lá aber que critiquem...quero muito ver! Adoro!

    Este é um caso em que a sequel foi melhor ou igual que o primeiro.

    Do 3º já não espero tanto mas quero muito ver na mesma!

  2. vai ridicularizar o 'Godfather' :/..isso não é bom!


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